Market Analysis Tailored to Your Property

There are many sources for real estate information and broad market studies, but do they fit your property in your neighborhood?

Did you know that national real estate commentary typically does not reflect what is happening in your neighborhood AND local stories are often too general to fit the market for your property? In addition, the news behind these reports is normally months old before published…so you could be making costly decisions based on old information.

Different locals and properties within neighborhoods all have their own unique markets. For instance – housing prices may have stabilized while condominium and land prices are declining in one neighborhood; but in another nearby – the trends could show a completely different scenario. This is a common occurrence in today’s environment.

At Real Pro Services, we will tailor an up-to-date market analysis for your property. See samples of our Charts & Graphs, then contact us about our unbiased analysis to help you make better real estate decisions. Whether for buying, selling, have litigation or estate planning needs – a little money invested in our analysis could be very beneficial to your wealth.

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Article: The Mystery of the Missing Appraisers

For those of you frustrated with the appraisal process for your real estate loan, Mortgage Banking Magazine – April, 2011 Edition provides some insights into the state of appraisals used for lending. Real Pro Services does not presently perform work for Appraisal Management Companies for several reasons; including points made in this article.

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